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Integrated Colorado Courts E-Filing System (ICCES)
Upload ICCES court documents directly from your own database application.
Linx Consulting, Inc. has an interface that allows you to upload ICCES court documents directly from your database application. Once uploaded, this same interface can return the filing status directly to your application.
How does the ICCES interface benefit you?
  1. Single point of data entry; your database application.
  2. Accuracy. Reduce the risk of typographical errors by entering information and corrections in a single place.
  3. Increased simplicity. User-friendly processes allow you to create a batch of documents and upload the batch to the ICCES system.
  4. Receive filing status results directly into your database, allowing users to determine the next course of action from within your internal application. Can be triggered from a button click or a timed process.
  5. Speed. You won’t spend hours entering and uploading court documents on the ICCES Web Portal after you've already spent the time in your own application. Large batch uploads occur within seconds to minutes.

Don't have a database or your application can't be customized? Linx Consulting, Inc. can create a full featured database application for you using Microsoft Access or one of a number of desktop or Web technologies to suit your needs.

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