Custom Microsoft Access, Python and PHP Applications
Connecting You and Your Customers with Your Data!
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Custom Business Software

Microsoft Office and Access Applications
Applications that help your business or organization become more productive.
Connect with your customers whether they are external or internal to your organization.
Collect and analyze the information that's important to you.
Analyze and report on the data you collect.
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The Right Technologies!

Microsoft Office and Access Application Development PostgreSQL Database Development Microsoft SQL Server Database Development PHP Website and Web Application Development Python Application Development
Microsoft Access Databases and Applications
Microsoft Office Integrations
Cross Platform Web and Mobile (Cloud) Applications
The right technologies in the right places for your requirements.
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Programming Languages that are Fast, Mature, Stable and Secure

Fast, Secure, Stable and Mature Application Development
Through the use of products that are well established.
Microsoft, Linux, Android and iOS
Cross Platform Web and Mobile (Cloud) Applications
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Batch Filing Interface (API)
Colorado Courts (ICCES)
Denver City and County Courts
If you are a legal professional, Linx Consulting, Inc. may be able to integrate your case management system with the Colorado ICCES system.
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Samples, Social Media and Other Content
See samples from projects, social media links and other content.
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